Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SO we are back!!! Things have been crazy. we are a little over a month out form Cambrias make a wish trip and we can't wait! we have everything in place and the volunteers are getting ready for out "BackPack" drop off. I with will have all the finn stuff for our trip. Oh yeah the dates are May 15-21st :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cambria's Story

In April of 2013 i opened my email and my Life would never be the same . This little girl was staring back at me and I know that she was meant to be Mine! In my heart she already was mine. and then they told me she was sick, very sick and In Fostercare in Florida and this was her last chance to find a family before she would moved to a medical facility. And 2 weeks later I was driving from PA to Florida to get my daughter!
She HAS Tetrology Of Fallott and at this time the expect her to live till she is 25 maybe 30. She is Gtube fed… Funny thing is ( not so funny) when I went to pick her up the foster mom didn't bring her feeding pump and I had to spend 12 hours calling all over to place to find one / couldn't bolas feed she couldn't take more then 60mls over an hour. it was a mess! I left the agency and took her right to regent care where they had to put her on antibiotics and steroids for bronchitis . Thank God I was staying with my grandparent ( grammy MO is a hospice nurse) and was able to hook me up with portable o2 for the drive home!we spent 7 days waiting for icpc to clear before we could leave florida. Nana and Poppop, Leah and Trin can down to visit for a bit and Meet Cambria.
When we got back to PA , we quickly got in to see our Great DR's At Nemours Dupont childrens Hosp.!!!! They got us sorted with Cardiology , Pulmonolgy, Speech therapy, OT and the wonderful Diagnostic referral team to monitor every thing! then cam Open heart surgery…

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

THe whole gang … for those who are interested!!

Here are the kids! trinity, Levi, Selah, zion, Eden, Faith, Cambria and Emma Momma and Poppa

Monday, January 13, 2014

MAW has made contact!

Joe called me yesterday to let me know that the Guys would be coming out this Thursday introduce us To the "wish Process" and bring a little something for Cambria! We are all getting so excited!

Friday, January 10, 2014

all things Minnie

So in order to keep my self from going crazy I will be writing down every thing Disney! yes , cambria wishes to go back to wence she came… and visit good old DISNEY and Minnie and Be a Fairy! ( not that any of the girls need help in that area … and of course Faith won't sit still, why would she
Cam is on the right :) Nana and Poppop took us all to Disney on Ice for Christmas… Brought out the Kid in all of us!

A Wish is approved !

So I am starting this Blog as a way of keeping track of everything -MAKE A WISH- we are currently awaiting out wish volunteers / grantors / Reps. i don't what they are called . I Do how ever know there names JOE and William! and we are in our 3 week window for initial contact…. This is driving me crazy! I want to plan. I want to schedule. I want to prepare!!!!!!!!!!